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THE ENLISTMENTS OF THE 3/9th Battalion Published in the Reporter 10th July 1915.


The officers are as follows - Major EDWARD GARSIDE, Commanding Officer.



Second Lieutenants AINSWORTH and HAYWARD.

Captain R.LEES as the officer commanding the Admin Centre, Ashton Armoury.

C.Q.M.S. W BENNETT, 42, St. Marks St. Dukinfield.

A. J ABBOTT, 36, Gledhall St. Stalybridge. W ABBOTT, 42, Kings St. Hyde. E J ADAMS, 43, Henrietta St. Ashton. J ALLINSON, 30 Oxford Rd, Dukinfield. W ALDRED, 4, Albert St, Droylsden. F ALLEN, 4, Charles St. Dukinfield. G H ALLEN, 73, Minto St. Ashton. R ALLFORD, 13, Frank St. Hyde. W ALLONBY, 29, Union Rd. Hurst. T W ALLOTT, 51, George St. Dukinfield. H ANDREW, 279, Higher Kings St. Hurst. F ANDREW, 149, Turner Lane, Ashton. J ANDERSON, 34, Brierley St. Stalybridge. A APPLEBY, 5, Lang St. Waterloo. J ARMITAGE, 10, Wood St. Hurst. W ARRUNDALE, 37. Old Hall St. Dukinfield. J ARTINGSTALL, 101 Cecil St. Dukinfield. W ASHBURN, 81, Williamson St. Droylsden. W ASHWORTH, 49, Newton St. Flowery Field. H ASPINALL, 41, Brook St. Ashton. J ATHERTON, Glebe St. Ashton. J ATHERTON, 79, Pitt St. Oldham.ick once to begin entering your own content. You can change my font, size, line height, color and more by highlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.

B. H BAGSHAW, 57, Cross St. Hyde. A BAGWELL, 234, Oldham Rd. Ashton. J BAILEY, 129, Turner Lane, Ashton. H BAILEY, 193, Newmarket Rd. Waterloo. J BALLAGHER, 147, Moss St. Ashton. A BAMFORD, 88, Victoria St. Ashton. E BAMFORD, 52, John St. Ashton. A.A.BANCROFT, 27, Riverside St. Dukinfield. G F BANKS, 8, Victoria Rd. Dukinfield. G H BARBER, 9, Sand St. Stalybridge. W BARKER, 3, Highfield Terrace, Waterloo. J H BARTON, 21, Moss St. Ashton. J L BARTON, 16. Hollins, Marple. T BARTON, 129, Bentinck St. Ashton. E BARLOW, 4, Woodhalls Yard, Stalybridge. W BARLOW, 41, Crescent Rd. Dukinfield. M BARNES, 215, Park St. Ashton. W BARNES, 14, Kershaw St. Dukinfield. E BARDSLEY, 34, Ellison St. Ashton. F BARKER, 516, Oldham Rd. Bardsley. B BARROWS, 42, Ashton Rd. Droylsden. CHRISTOPHER BATES, 31, Old Cross St. Ashton. R J BAYMAN, 78, Park Rd. Dukinfield. W BATTY, 13, Welbeck St. Ashton. W BEACON, 87, Bollington St. Ashton. J BEAUMONT, 3, Tartan St. Clayton. E BEECH, 200, Church St. Ashton. F BEECH, 15, Bond St. Stalybridge. J BEELEY, 93, Ann St. Ashton. H BENNETT, 15, Earnshaw St. Ashton. J BENNETT, 15, Earnshaw St. Ashton. T M BENNETT, 4, Springfield St. Hurst. T BENNETT, 39, Union St. Ashton. G BENT, 104, Crickets Lane, Ashton. J W BENSON, 40, Gate St. Dukinfield. J BELL, 16, Wharf St. Dukinfield. H BERESFORD 151. Portland St. Ashton. C W BIEL, Station House, Dukinfield. H W BIGGINS, 29, Elgin St. Ashton. H BINNS, 182, Park St. Ashton. H N BIRD, 2, Froggarts Court, Wellington St. Stockport. M BLOOR, 39, Hill St. Waterloo. H BOARDMAN, 83, Ogden Lane, Openshaw. A BOOTH, 201, Holland St. Denton. A BOOTH, 8, Britannia St. Ashton. C BOOTH, 22, Pearl St. Denton. D BOOTH, 32, Smallshaw Lane, Ashton. F BOOTH, 37, Ruby St. Denton. H BOOTH, 249, Higher Kings St. Dukinfield. J J BOOTH, 4, Cryer St. Littlemoss. R W BOOTH, 54, Victoria Rd. Dukinfield. H BORSEY, 23, Anglesey St. Waterloo. B BOSSON, 124, Manchester Rd. Droylsden. C BOTTOM, 60, Wharf St. Dukinfield. J H R BOULTON, 10, Victoria St. Stalybridge. W BOURNE, 35, Princess St. Hurst. J H BOWKER, 16, Mount St. Ashton. W S BOWLINGSON, 107, Hope St. Dukinfield. J BRACEGIRDLE, 15, Robinson St. Ashton. E BRADBURY, 82, Newton St. Gorton. W BRADLEY, 1, Irwin St. Denton. J. BRAMHALL, Rose & Crown Inn, Margaret St. Ashton. W. BRAMHALL, 4, Peel St. Hyde. N BRAMWELL, 70, Mansfield St. Ashton. A BRANDON, 25, Wrigley St. Ashton. J BRAYSHAW, 12, Guide Lane, Hooley Hill. W BREDBURY, 32, Curzon Rd. Ashton. B.BRIDGEWATER, 11, Mount St. Ashton. JOHN BROCK, East St. Hooley Hill. W BROADBY, 220, Park Rd. Dukinfield. T BROADBENT, 6, Ellison St. Ashton. J H BROADBENT, 21, Gerrard St. Ashton, SAMUEL BROADBENT, 18, Albert St. Ashton. L BROADHURST, 9, Warre St. Ashton. J W BROMLEY, 7, Astley St. Dukinfield. H BROOKS, 74, Turner Lane, Ashton. C H BROWN, 1a, Anne St. Dukinfield. J BROWN, 100, Crickets Lane, Ashton. R BROWN, 393, King St. Dukinfield. A BUCKLEY, 401, Kings St. Dukinfield. H BUCKLEY, 123, Alexandra St. Hurst. W BURKE, 171, Fleet St. Ashton. T BURNS, 34, Higher Wharf St. Dukinfield. C BURROWS, 65, Kenworthy St. Stalybridge. J BYROM, 34, Marlborough St. Ashton. T BURGESS (Quartermaster) Railway Hotel, Guidebridge. A BURGESS, 16, Garden St. Hooley Hill. J BURGESS, 1, Victoria St. Stalybridge. C R BUTLER, 27, Howard St. Ashton. N. BRAMWELL, 70, Mansfield St, Ashton. C.W.BIEL, Station House, Dukinfield. L. BROADBENT, 9, Warre St. Ashton.

C. J. CADMAN, 15, Wood St. Dukinfield. J. CALDECUTT, 17, Albert St. Droylsden. A. CARROLL, 17, Wilfred St. Droylsden. E. CARTER, 5, Cambridge St. Stalybridge. H. CARTER, 63, Egerton St. Ashton. H. CARTER, 23, Mary St. Dukinfield. T. CALVERLEY,11, Wimpole St. Ashton. T. CARR, 22, Town Lane, Dukinfield. J. CAVILL, 6, Margaret St. Ashton. JAMES T. CASE, 14, Ashton St. Dukinfield Hall. J. CHAPPELL, 13, Norbury St. Hyde. CHATTERTON, 3, John St. Bradford. W. CLARKE, 39, Mary St. Dukinfield. J. CLAYTON, 32, Cross St. Ashton. S. CLAYTON, 35, St. Marks St. Dukinfield. E.T. CLAYTON, 94, Bentinck St. Ashton. H. CLAYTON, 18, North End, Stalybridge. J.A. CHADWICK, 8, Avon St. Stalybridge. E. COTTAN, 42, Zetland St. Dukinfield. H. COWLEY, 254, Church St. Ashton. W.H. COCKROFT, Harper St. Ashton. B. G. CHRISTIAN, 7, Dewsnap Lane, Dukinfield. J. CLARE, 34, Chorlton St. Higher Openshaw. J. CLOUGH, 44, Egerton St. Ashton. S. CLOUGH, 49, Park St. Ashton. S. CLOUGH, 92, Mossley Rd. Ashton. S.F. COLE, 22, Lever St. Bradford. A.O COLLINS, 12. Wimpole St. Ashton. J. COLLINS, 1, Old Cross St. Ashton. J. COLLINS, 107, Hope St. Dukinfield. H. COLLINS, 40, Croft St. Stalybridge. R. COPPOCK, 110, Old Rd. Hyde. T. COOKE, 5, Lower Acre Fold, Stalybridge. J. CUNLAR, 95, Lord St. Gorton. M. CUNCAR, 25, Lord St. Gorton. J. CHESTERS, 25, Angel St. Denton. M. CHESTERS, 95, Angel St. Denton.J. COLCLOUGH, 14, Peel St. Dukinfield. S. COLCLOUGH, 39, George St. Dukinfield. F. COOPER, 27, Poland St. Audenshaw. J.W. CORSENDDEN, 22, Vicarage St. Dukinfield. F. CARTWRIGHT, 57, Jermyn St. Ashton. ROBERT CRITCHLOW, 6, Square Fold, Droylsden. H. CUNNINGHAM, 68, Birch Lane, Dukinfield. CUMMINS, 93, Town Lane, Dukinfield. J. CHRYSTAL, 22, Bowley St. Gorton.

D. W. DALE, 14, Hadfield St. Dukinfield. J.C DANBY, Goodier House, Newton. J. DAVOLL,19, Marlborough St. Ashton. G. DICKINSON, 1, Athol St. Ashton. F. DICKINSON, 1. Athol St. Ashton. J.E. DEEGAN, 7, Whiteacre Rd. Ashton. H. DEAN, 3. Menai St. Waterloo. J. DEARNALEY, 17, Woolley Bridge, Hadfield. H. DERBYSHIRE. 53, Haughton Rd. Hooley Hill. E. DERBYSHIRE, 9, Howard St. Hooley Hill. R. DELANEY, 52, Ashton Rd. Droylsden. F.S. DRURY. 55, Charles St. Dukinfield. G. DAVIES. 17, Dixon St. Hurst. A. DEVONPORT, 19, Vernon St. Gorton. J. DIXON, Garsides Yard, Turner Lane, Ashton. E. DIXON, 6, Oldham St. Hurst. B.G. DIXON, 407, Hyde Rd. Gorton. J. DODD, 85, Blandford St. Ashton. J. DODD, 12, Bradgate St. Ashton. G. DONLAVAND, 23, Wharf St. Dukinfield. P. DONNELLY, 7, Canal St. Stalybridge. J. DORAN, 2, Parkside, Dukinfield. DRANSFIELD, 8, Cowper St. Ashton. J. DUNKERLEY, 5, Bowden St. Denton. W. DONE, County Police Station, Hurst. W.A DUTTON, 1a, Anne St. Dukinfield. W.H. DRINKWATER, 7, Chapel St. Ashton.

E. W. EARLEY, 19, Wood St. Newton Moor. W. EASTWOOD. 14, Brunswick St. Dukinfield. G. EDGAR, 5, Wimpole St. Ashton. H. EDDLESTONE, 6, Brook St. Newton Moor. H. ELLIS, 74, Hertford St. Ashton. S. ELLISON, 34, Frank St. Hyde. A. ELLISON, 34, Frank St. Hyde. M. ELLISON, 2, Park Rd. Dukinfield. S. ETCHELLS, 47, Peel St. Dukinfield. J. EVANS, 38, Dale St. Ashton. E EVANS, 2, Albert St. Droylsden. L. EVANS, 76, Charles St. Ashton. C. ELLIOTT, 16, Hindley St. Ashton. W. EYRE, 5, Crowthorn Rd. Ashton.

F. J. FALLON, 2, Cemetery Lodge, Dukinfield. T. FARRELL, 30, Bury St. Gorton. W. FEATHERSTONE, 15, Albion St. Hurst Cross. J. FISHER, 13, Groby St. Hooley Hill. JAMES J. FEARNLEY, 48, Tatton St. Ashton. SQUIRE FEILDING, 91, Oxford Rd. Dukinfield. J. FLETCHER, Hope St. Dukinfield. J. FOSTER, 11, Church St. Ashton. H. FOWDEN, 293, Gerrards, Gee Cross. C. FLYNN, 2, Hawthorn Grove, Ashton. F. FLOWERS, 155, Oldham Rd. Waterloo. JAMES FRATER, 31, Dale St. Hooley Hill. H. FREETH, 16, Wellington St. Waterloo. F. FURNESS, 11, Malpas St. Dukinfield.

G. A. GAINWELL, 14, Paradise St, Hurst Brook. J. GARFORTH, 50, Park Rd. Dukinfield. GARLICK, 93, Hill St.G. GASKELL,13, Scotland St. Ashton. P. GARRIGAN, 77, Wellington Rd. Ashton. A. GARSIDE, 7, Earnshaw St. Gorton. E. GARSIDE,34, Market St. Droylsden. H. GARSIDE, 146, Ashton Rd. Newton. M. GATELEY, 2, Brunswick St. Dukinfield. E. GENTY, 1, Egerton St. Ashton. W. GILBEY, 1. Suffolk St. Ashton. J. GOODLIFFE, 21, Anglesey St. Waterloo. J. GOODWIN, 7, West St. Ashton. W. GORMAN, 1, Wood St. Hurst. J. A. GREEN, 208, Guide Lane, Hooley Hill. E. GREEN, 90, Grosvenor St. Ashton. W. GREEN, 20, Duncan St. Ashton. J.H. GREEN, 34, Canning St. Ashton. H. GREEN, 25, Chapel St. Ashton. J. GREENBANK, 40, Hill St. Ashton. C. GREENHALGH, 155, Newmarket Rd. Ashton. J. GREENHALGH, 86, Park St. Ashton. H. GREGORY, 60, Grafton St. Hyde. W. GREENWOOD, 197, Park St. Ashton. GRUNDY, 62, John St. Ashton.

H. A. HACKNEY, 25, Haughton St. Godley. E. HARDING, 64, Keane St. A. HARDING, Old Ball Inn, Smallshaw. F. HAMER, 36, Gordon St. Waterloo. J.W. HAMPSON, 4, West St. Dukinfield. T. HARROP, 65, Ryecroft St. G. HACKLEY, 10, Duke St. Droylsden. N. HAIGH, 20, Holden St. Hurst. E. HAMMOND, 13, Alfred St. Hurst. J. HARDMAN, 24, Canal St. Stalybridge. W. HARDMAN, 133, Oxford Rd. Dukinfield. C. HARRISON, 32, Stone Row, Marple. G. C. HARRISON, 4, Hurst Cross, Ashton. H. HARRISON, 110, Queens St. Hurst. J. HARRISON, 37, George St. Dukinfield. J. HARRISON, 17, Palmer St. Dukinfield. R. HARRISON, 44, Dale St. Ashton. S. HARRISON, 141, Lodge Lane, Dukinfield. W. HARRISON, 37, Peel St. Dukinfield. R. HASTIE, 26, Earnshaw St. Waterloo. A. HAGUE, 104, Mossley Rd. Ashton. J. HAGUE, 36, Nook Lane, Hurst. R.N. HAGUE, Harper House. T. HARTLEY, 12, Hindley St. Ashton. HADFIELD, 7, Rock St. Ashton. G. HADFIELD. 79, Mount Pleasant, Ashton. G. HADFIELD, 119, Hope St. Dukinfield. W. HADFIELD, 160, Portland St. Ashton. W. HALIT, 6, Warburton Place, Dukinfield. D. HANSON, 19, Sett St. Stalybridge. T. HAMILTON, 75, Cotton St. H. HASLAM, 17, Gledhill St. Stalybridge. J. HEALEY, 13, Ney St. Waterloo. J. HERON, Back Dove St. Stalybridge. G. HESSNER, Farmers Arms, Brook St, Newton. A. HEWITT, 169, Cotton St. Ashton. HEWITT, Wakefield Cottage, Knott Lane, Bardsley. H. HEWITT, 22, Bangor St. Waterloo. F. HEYGARTH, 2, Hollis Clough, Limehurst. W. HEYWORTH, 56, Hope St. Hurst. H. HEYWOOD, 5, Southcliffe St. Higher Openshaw. J. HIGGINBOTTOM, 50, Seymour St. Denton. G.E. HOFTEN, 13, Furness St. Flowery Fields. Sergeant Major J. HOLT, 35, Alexandra St. Hurst. J.S. HOLT, 92, Market St. Stalybridge. J. HOLT, 33, Abingdon St. Ashton. H. HOLLAND, 105, Queens St. Hurst. H. HOLLINSHEAD, 48, John St. Ashton. H. HOLLINSHEAD, 91, Ryecroft St. G. HOULDEN, 104, Church St. Dukinfield. P. HOULDSWORTH, 15, Abingdon St. E. HOWARD, 4, Coulthart St. Ashton. T.M. HOWARD, 43, Newman St. Ashton. J. HOWARD, 52, Charles St. Ashton. G. HOWARTH, 8, Beaconsfield St. Ashton. H. HOBSON, 70, Church St. Ashton. F.R. HOBSON, 125, Trafalgar St. Ashton. J. HOBSON, 344, Whitelands Rd. Ashton. T. HORROCKS, 74, Grosvenor St. Stalybridge.J. HUDSON, 44, Park Rd. Dukinfield. H. HULME, 25, Fitzroy St. Ashton. J. HULME, 37, Tanner St. Ashton. S.W. HULME, 59, Victoria St. Ashton. W. HULME, 122, Alexandra St. Ashton. A.S. HUGHES, 17, Peel St. Stalybridge. HARRY HUGHES, 1, Marion St. Hathershaw. J.S. HUGHES, Foundry St. Dukinfield. J.E. HUGHES, 12, Baguley St. Droylsden. J. HUGHES, 3, Samuel St. Dukinfield. A. HULLEY, 7, Jackson St. J. HYDE, 3, Craven St. Droylsden. T. HYDE, 30, Howard St. Hooley Hill. T. HYLING, 2, Mount St. Ashton.

I. W. ISHERWOOD, 46, Portland Street.

J. F. JARVIS, 45, Haughton Rd. Hooley Hill. G. JENKINSON, 336, Oldham Rd. Limehurst. A. JONES, 90, Princess St, Hurst. A. JONES, 46, Holden St. Hurst. A. JONES, 15, Cooper St. Dukinfield. E, JONES, 58, Church St. Ashton. G. JONES, 81, Cambridge St. H. JONES, Pothill Sq. Hurst. J. JONES, 49, Peel St. Denton. T. JONES, 7, Back Mount St. H. JOHNSON, 30, Green St. Hyde. S. JOHNSON, 18, Harold Ave. Gorton. T. JOHNSON, 22, Wild St. Hooley Hill.

K. THOMAS KAVANAGH, Grosvenor St. Denton. S. KESALL, Hereford St. SAMUEL KELLETT, 31, Market St. Droylsden. JAMES KELLETT, 366, Katherine St. J.E. KENYON, 17, Hadfield St. J. KENWORTHY, 6, Water St. C. KERSHAW, 25, Victoria St. WILLIAM KINDER, 8, Manor St. Hooley Hill. A. KNOWLES, 120, Ashton Rd. Denton. A. KNOWLES, 52, Winter St. Hurst Brook. J. KNOWLES, 34, Cunliffe St. Hyde. J. KNOWLES, 91, Katherine St. Ashton.

L. J. LAMB, 96, Holden St. W. LAMBERT, 252, Higher Kings St. Hurst. J. LAWLESS, 7. Mottram Rd. Hyde. H. LAWLER, 212, Cross St. F. LAWTON,46, Quay St. Stalybridge. J. LAWTON, 46, Ashton New Rd. Droylsden. G.H. LAWTON, 100, Hill Street. J. LEAH, 70, Hargraves St. Hulme. LEAKESLEY, 3, Hanover St. North Audenshaw. A. LEECH, 5, (?) St. J.A. LEE, Denton. F.E. LEE, 32, Hodgson Street. D.L. LEE, Wooley's Yard, Robinson St. Stalybridge. THOMAS LEE, 47, Brook St. J. LEES, 3, Church St. Droylsden. J..LEES, 1, Heyes Yard, Hurst. S. LEES, 9, Marland St, Hurst Brook. H. LEIGH, 232, Park St. J. LEIGH, Uxbridge St. R. LEWIS(?), Lea Terrace, Dukinfield. F. LIGGINS, 23, Meadow St. Gee Cross. J.LINDLEY, 30, Kings St. Hyde. J.LINDLEY, 26, Smith St. Newton. J.A.LINDOP, 123, Hillgate St. Hurst. H. LITCHFIELD, 104, Park St. Dukinfield. G. LITCHFIELD, 2, Gate St. Dukinfield. J. LONGSDEN, 13, Campbell St. Droylsden. E. LOMAX, 4, Providence St. Hooley Hill. H. LORD, 17, Marland St. Hurst Brook. G. LORD, 17, Marland St. Hurst. R.L. LORD, 26, Park St. Dukinfield. S.LOWE, Beaver Inn, Bentinck St. Ashton. J.LUNT, 66, Berry St. West Gorton.

M. A.MADDEN, 202, Market St. Droylsden. G.MAILE, 16, Bradbury St. J.W.MANSFIELD, 78, Park St. F.MALLINSON, 20, Carr St. Hurst. J.MARLAND, 21, Pothill Sq. Hurst. P.MARLAND,10, Oldham Rd. Hyde. A.E.MARSH, 64, Mansfield St. L.MARSH, 64, Mansfield St. J.MARSLAND, 2, Port St. Newton. H.MARSLAND, 3, Shepley St. Stalybridge. P.MATHER, 74, Rutland St. Cockbrook. S.MATTHEWS, 43, Blandford St. J.MARTIN, 255, Fitzroy St. W.MARTINDALE, 91, Albion St. Miles Platting. A.MATTOCKS, 71, Charles St. Ashton. C.H.MAQUIRE, 204, Market St. Droylsden. J.McDONNELL, 29, Park St. B.H.McGRATH, 12, Peter St. Droylsden. F.H.MEASURES,14,Buckley St. Waterloo. A.MELTON, 52, Lumb Lane, Littlemoss. E.MERCER, 9, Tunnel Houses, Audenshaw. T.MEREDITH, 97, Church St. A.METCALFE, 171, Church St. J.METTRICK, 6, Railway Bank, Hyde. T.MITCHESON, 9, Vaudrey St. Stalybridge. W.H.MASON, 2, Gorton St. Waterloo. H. MELLOR, 20, Muslin St. Newton. J.MILLER, 16, Stanley St. Ashton. G.MILLER, 167, Fleet St. Ashton. J.A.MILLS, 40, Crescent Rd. Dukinfield. T.MILTON, 16, Garden St. Droylsden. A.MILLWARD, 76, Kenyon St. W.MISTEAR, 29, Wood St. Hyde. H.MITCHELL, 52, Egerton St. W.A.MITCHELL, 33, John St. J.MOLLOY, 5, Church St. Droylsden. T.MOLLOY, 88, Oxford Rd. Dukinfield. F.MOON, 304, Manchester Rd. Denton. G.MOORES, 60, Wharf St. Dukinfield. J.A.MOORES, 17, Oldham St. Hurst. A.MOORHOUSE, 83, Oldham Rd. Waterloo. G.MORRIS, 42, Astley St. Dukinfield. T.MORTON, 1, Church St. Dukinfield. J.R.MOSS,16, Cowhill Lane, Ashton. G.W.MOSS, 70, Town Lane, Denton. T.MOSS, 39, Peel St. Dukinfield. J.MOTTRAM, 139, Union St. Hurst. G.E.MOXEY, 107, Charles St. Ashton. J.T.MURRAY, 38, Cannon St. T.M.MURRAY, 6, Fletcher St. E.MURPHY, 5, Bradbury St. T.MURPHY, 23, Hillgate St. Hurst. H.MYALL, 6, Welbeck St. J.MYHALL, 318, Kings St. Dukinfield.

N. F.NADIN, 57, Park St. Ashton. H.NAISH, Springfield, Hooley Hill. A.NASH, 197, Ashton Rd. Denton. J.NEEDHAM, 4, Peter St. Denton. F.NEWALL, 14, Portugal St. EDGAR NEWTON, 9, Spring Bank, Audenshaw. A.NEVITT, 83, Queen St. Hurst. J.NICHOLLS, 16, Chester Sq. C.NINNIS, 6, Higher Bents Lane, Bredbury. ERNEST NOKES, 10, Booth St. T.NORMAN. 70, Peacock St. Gorton. T.NORTH, 16, Park St. Dukinfield. W.NULLY, 101, Albion Terrace, Ashton. A.NUTTALL, 32, Hertford St.

O. L.S.OAKES, 22, Ingham St. Clayton. J.O'BRIEN,12, Canning St. J.O'BRIEN, 12, Brown St. Stalybridge. A.OLD, 157, Church St. J.OLDHAM, 26, Old Cross St. H.OGDEN, 59, Church St. Dukinfield. ROBERT OGDEN, 121, Bentinck St. J.OWEN, 54, North St.

P. G.PARKER, 65, Ashton St. Dukinfield. S.PARKER, 164, Napier St. Gorton. W.PARROTT, 12, Hallbottom Place, Newton. J.T.PEARSON, 6, Brook St. F.PEMBERTON, 105, Ogden Lane, Openshaw. L.PENNINGTON, 95, Oxford St. T.PENNY, 6, Conduit St. PEPPER, 257, Fitzroy St. G.PHILBURN, 340, Mossley Rd. S.PHILBURN, 56, Wood St. G.PHILIPS, 2, Holden St. L.PHILIPS,1, Back Mount St. Ashton. J.PILLING, 19, Forrester St. Stalybridge. C.F.PLATT, 30, Alexandra St. T.PLATT, 16, Swan St. RALPH PLATT, 39, Botany Lane. G.PORTER, 3, Town Lane, Dukinfield. H.PORTER, 50, Cranbourne St. J.POTTER, 5, Welbeck St. W.F.POTTER, 10, Wellington St. A.POTTS, 27, Garden St. Hooley Hill. S.POTTS, 24, Haughton Rd. Hooley Hill. W.POTTS, 320, Whitelands Rd.

Q. J.L.QUALTERS, 5, Buckley St. Waterloo. P.QUAYLE, 169, Margaret St.

R. J.RAMSDEN, 25, Guide Lane, Hooley Hill. A.RATCLIFFE,34, Cheadle St. Higher Openshaw. J.RATCLIFFE,61, Astley St. Dukinfield. W.RATCLIFFE,26, Church St. Ashton. H.RAYNER, 72, Peacock St. Gorton. T.REED, 58, Greenwood Lane, Droylsden. LEE REES,135, Portland St. C.REICE, 39, Bran St, Hollinwood. REILLY, 24, Belgrave St. Denton. J.REYNOLDS,88, Hill St. J.RIDGEWAY, 86, Town Lane, Dukinfield. T.RIDLEY, 9, Haughton Rd. Hooley Hill. R.RIGBY, 12, Taylor St. Hurst. E.RILEY,169, Church St. H.ROBERTS,74, St. James' St. Ashton. F.ROBERTS, Parkbridge, Ashton. T.ROBERTS,34, Hertford St. J.H.ROBERTSON,73, Lees Rd. Gorton. E.ROBINSON, 109, Lord St. Dukinfield. T.T.ROBINSON, 12, Wood St. Ashton. S.ROEBUCK,166, King St. Hurst. H.ROSE,133, Turner Lane. J.W.ROSTERN, 223, Fleet St. Ashton. J.ROTHWELL, 39, Brosscroft, Hadfield. A.ROWE,130, Katherine St. H.ROWE, 22, Princess St. Hurst. V.ROWE,109, Park St. J.RUDD, 9, Dean St. W.RUSSELL, 117, Moss St. Ashton.

S. J.SALT, 8, Hertford St. J.O.SANKEY, 288, Higher King St. Dukinfield. J.G.SAYER, 70, Audenshaw Rd. Audenshaw. J.SCHOFIELD, 3, Matley St. Hurst. L.SCHOFIELD, 19, Newmarket Rd. Ashton. R.SCHOFIELD, 71, Bollington St. Ashton. E.H.SCHOLES, 178, Katherine St. C.SCHOOLDEN, 84, Nelson St. Hyde. P.SCOTT, Sawyer Brow, Newton. T.SHEA, 86, Park Road, Dukinfield. J.E.SELLARS, 24, Helen St. Droylsden. L.SELLARS, 173, Fleet St. H.SENIOR, 24, Princess St. Dukinfield. ROBERT SHANDLEY, 8, Howard St. Hooley Hill. J.SHARPLES, 122, Ezard St. Openshaw. G.E.SHARPLES, 16, Springfield St. Hooley Hill. A.SHAW, 5, Old Hall, Dukinfield. ALBERT SHAW, 9, Grimshaw St. J.SHAW, 52, Oldham Rd. Waterloo. W.SHAW, 2, Winton St. A.SHELMERDINE, 94, Whiteacre Rd. Hurst. J.SHELMERDINE, 94, Whiteacre Rd. B.SHEPHERD, 107, Trafalgar St. F.SHEPHERD, 107, Trafalgar St. A.SHEPLEY, 4, Long Row, Carrbrook. H.SHEPLEY, 18, Ellison St. J.SHEPLEY, 57, Grosvenor St. F.SIDEBOTTOM, 13, Back Cambridge St. J.SIDEBOTTOM, 59, Wellington St. Dukinfield. E.SIGLEY, 9, Hurst St. Dukinfield. W.SILCOCK, 64, Holden St. T.SLATER, 28, South St. E.SMITH, 9, Frances St. Hyde. F.SMITH, 4, Anglesey St. Waterloo. H.SMITH, 16, Whittington St. J.SMITH, 107, Fairfield Rd. Droylsden. J.SMITH, 99, Taylor St. Gorton. M.SMITH, 30, Haughton Rd. Hooley Hill. P.SMITH, 35, Old Hall St. Dukinfield. R.SMITH, 250, Church St. S.SMITH, 18, Cryer St. Littlemoss. T.SMITH, 12, Wharf St. Dukinfield. W.SMITH, 7, Matley St. Hurst. H.SOUTER, 13, Walker Lane, Hyde. E.SPEAKMAN, 152, Cotton St. W.H.SPEAKMAN, 149, Moorside, Droylsden. J.E.SPIBY, 154, Turner Lane. H.STAFFORD, 258, Whiteacre Rd. R.STAFFORD, 61, Crescent Rd. Dukinfield. J.STANDRIN, 377, Katherine St. E.STANDRING, 31, Carr St. Hurst. J.W.STEWART, 40, Queen St. H.SUGDEN, 119, Stamford St. Cockbrook. G.SUMNER, 53, Burlington St. ARTHUR SWAN, 28, Hawthorn St. Hooley Hill. G.SWIFT, 68, Wakefield Rd. Stalybridge. E.SWINDELLS, 189, Margaret St. W.SWINDELLS, Lumn St. Hyde.

T. J.E.TATE. 71, Pickford Lane, Dukinfield. A.TAYLOR, Ivy Cottage, Haughton Dale. A.TAYLOR, 21, Shaw St. Dukinfield. F.TAYLOR, 2, Taylor St. Droylsden. F.TAYLOR, 233, Whiteacre Rd. Hurst. G.TAYLOR, 23, Thomas St. Hyde, I.TAYLOR, Canning St. J.TAYLOR, 16, Howard Lane, Hooley Hill. J.TAYLOR, Bridge Cottages, Hawk Green, Marple. J.TAYLOR, 315, Katherine St. S.TAYLOR, 11, Wrigley St. A. THOMAS, 6. Paradise St. Hooley Hill. F.THOMAS, 10, George St. Dukinfield. R.W.THOMAS, 21, Audenshaw Rd. Audenshaw. J.THOMPSON, 17, Princess St. Hurst. J.THOMPSON, 36, Fitzroy St. G. THOMASSON, 7, Malpas St. Dukinfield. F.THORNLEY, 205, Huddersfield Rd, Stalybridge. J.THORNTON, 115, Burlington St. F.THORLEY, 9, Sara St. Stalybridge. D.THORP, 133, Hope St. Dukinfield. E. THORPE, 14, Old Hall Court. G.TINKER, 4, Binns Yard, Sett St. Stalybridge. A.TOBIN, 97, Bollington St. W. TONGE, 145, Manchester Rd. Droylsden. HAROLD TOMLINSON, 5, East St. Hooley Hill. A. TOPLADY, 41, Graville St. Cockbrook. I.TREADWELL, 5, Copley St. Oldham. T. TURNER, 55, Ashton St. Dukinfield.

V. R.H.VINT, 204, Church St.

W. J.WADEWORTH, 3, Samuel St. Dukinfield. A.WAGSTAFFE, Nag's Head Inn, Astley St. Dukinfield. R.WAKEFIELD, 46, Arundel St. W.WALFORD, 9, Victoria St. Denton. F.WALKER, 41, Well Meadow, Flowery Fields. J.WALKER, 115, Hulme St. Hurst. S.WALKER, 41, Turner St. W.WALKER, 125, Wellington Rd. W.WALKER,82, Union Rd. Hurst. C.A.WALL,133, Fairfield Rd. Droylsden. F.T.HALL, 2, Stopford Court, Oxford Rd. Dukinfield. H.WARBURG, 31, Paradise St. Hooley Hill. C.WARD, 24, Bengal St. Waterloo. E.WARD, 40, Old Rd. Dukinfield. A.WARDLE, Westbank, Turner Lane. C.J.WATFORD, 46, Russell St. J.WATERFORD, 6, Glebe St. Ashton. H.WEBB, 7, Hawthorne Grove. J.E.WEBB, 50, Grasscroft St. Stalybridge. H.WHITEHEAD, 26, Tib St. Denton. J.WHITEHEAD, 103, Dean St. Ashton. J.E.WHITEHOUSE, 176, Albermarle St. J.WHITTAKER, 118, Taunton Rd. G.WHITTAKER, 1, Kinder Court, Foundry St. Hyde. N.WHITTAKER, 72, Chapel St. Dukinfield. R.WHITWORTH, 164, Katherine St. R.WIGGINS, Abingdon St. E.WILDE, 53, Turner Lane, Ashton. E.WILDE, 10, Langham St. Waterloo. J.WILDE, 22, Stamford St. Millbrook. W.WILDE, 168, Haughton Green Rd. Denton. W.WILKINSON, 3, Albert St. Dukinfield. B.WILLIAMS, Philips Park, Bradford, Manchester. G. WILLIAMS, 119, Moss St. S.WILLIAMS, Hope St. Dukinfield. T.G.WILLIAMS,110, Heaton St. Denton. W.WILLIAMS, 143, Trafalgar St. J.WILLIAMSON, 39, John St. T.WILLIAMSON, 87, Ryecroft St. T.WILLIAMSON, 29, Holden St. THOMAS WILMOTT, 159, George St West, Hyde. C.WILSON, 6, Spring Grove Terrace, Ashton. H.WITHINGTON, 40, Droylsden Rd. Droylsden. E.WOOD, 7, Gordon St. Mossley Rd. H.WOOD, 18, Alexandra St. T.WOOD, 21, Kenworthy St. Stalybridge. R.WOOD, 129, Vine St. Openshaw. J.WOOD, 129, Vine St. Openshaw. J.WOODS, 129, Portland St. G.WOLLEY, 114, Hope St. Dukinfield. T.WOLSTENHOLME, 103, Hillgate St. Hurst. W.WOLSTENHOLME, 88, Hillgate St. Hurst. A.WRIGHT, 20, Beaconsfield St. Ashton. H.WRIGHT, 51, Swain St. Hyde. H.WRIGHT, 22, Wild St. Ashton. H.W.WRIGHT, 46, Grantham Rd. Sharples Brooks, Birmingham. J.WRIGHT, 12, Combermere St. Dukinfield. J.E.WRIGHT, 21, Mary St. Taunton. R.WRIGHT, 13, Highfield St. Dukinfield.

Y. D.YATES, 3, Crickets Brow.

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